Requiem Compound

by A Forest Opera



This is my first solo project. This project had started in 2009, when I decided I wanted to make a concept album. I never expected anyone else to listen to it, until around mid 2013 when I wanted to revisit and revive my old projects. This came around the same time some of my Cafe Alt friends showed genuine interests to my projects and encouraged me to release my works.
The original 6 tracks are now revisited as well as an additional 2 new track added splitting the two halves of the album and adding a new angle I had never thought possible. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my album and thank you for the feedback. I appreciate the support.


released December 10, 2013

Songs written and produced by Jesse Morel with the exception of "To the Lost and Fallen" written by Jesse Morel and Leo Nieminen.

Album artwork By Jesse Morel

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A Forest Opera Ottawa, Ontario

Jesse Olivier Morel is a local musician based in Ottawa, Ontario. His first solo effort, named A Forest Opera, is a project exploring the possibilities of the electronic/classical/soundscape fusion through a series of dark themed sounds and light reliefs. ... more

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Track Name: Some Guy Gave Me A Gun and Told Me to Fight
...I don't know

Well, the bombs were falling,
We had nowhere to run, it was desperate
and just as we were about to loose hope,
some guy gave me a gun and told me to fight!
Track Name: This Mechanical State
Track Name: To the Lost and Fallen (feat. tsLeo)
Track Name: New Light 2
Track Name: (As the Hope Fades)
Track Name: In the Darkness, There is Light
Track Name: Final Breath Of Olympus
(you won't ever find me)
Track Name: The Firelight
i. Over at the Horizon
ii. Enemies on Target
iii. The Tragedy
iv. Preparation
v. Retaliation
vi. Victory
vii. Future Uncertain...


After the sky light dimmed,
the sun set, the burning ashes still falling
Everyone looked in awe,
The Firelight, it burned bright,